What is your wellness mix?

What sorts of things make you feel centred, connected and healthy? What brings you joy? Strength? What resonates in your soul? Body? Mind? 

Your wellness mix can be as eclectic and diverse as you need it to be. Well-being does not operate on an either/or basis. You can have it all. Take what you connect to—what’s meaningful to you, and leave the rest. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that taking an intuitive and holistic approach to wellness is what works for me. That’s meant teaching myself to go deeper—to listen to, and understand, my needs—body, mind and spirit. Through practice, I’ve begun to understand what nourishment feels like, what pure energy feels like, what harmony and wellness feel like—to me. This approach means that I can now more readily recognize when something shifts out of alignment, educate myself on all available options and make informed decisions on which foods, products, activities, and services will best enrich me on a holistic level. My wellness mix is science and spirit, analysis and intuition. It’s uniquely mine. Just as yours is uniquely yours. That’s the beauty of it. 




Natural, clean and cruelty-free living has been a pillar of my intuitive wellness journey. I began diving in to this realm as a teenager. It was about the time I started learning more about animal testing, product label trickery, and factory farming. I was shaken by the information I uncovered, and quickly realized that when it comes to the products I put in, around and on my body, I need to be a mindful and hands-on consumer.    

As part of that lifestyle shift, I began brewing my own beauty and wellness products at home. Nearly 20 years later, I am overjoyed to finally have the ability to share them! My recipes are tried, tested and beloved by me. I hope they bring you joy and comfort. 


I am also currently enrolled in an Herbalism program to up the ante on my herbal wisdom in hopes of increasing the diversity of my offerings in the future.

My natural wellness offerings are all-natural, small-batch, cruelty-free and handcrafted by me.


Because all of my wellness offerings are all natural and free from artificial preservatives or harsh chemicals, they are meant to be enjoyed right away rather than stored. The bottles I use may vary, depending on what I have available, but will always be glass or metal and reusable/recycleable. 




My spirituality is centred around honouring nature and magick with a k. That word can be polarizing, but really it means using the natural forces around us to bring about change. That can take whatever form you like. For me, nature is transformational. Of course, it’s magical. Of course it’s spiritual. It’s divine. 

I have found replenishment of my spirit and energy to be integral to my total well-being. I offer ritual, spiritual and mindfulness products to help you with this process so you can develop your intuition, set intention and explore magick—on your terms. My spiritual offerings are always woven with nature and follow the same guidelines of sustainability and ethical sourcing as my other offerings. 




I do not offer “smudge” kits nor do I sell white sage bundles or sweetgrass braids. ‘Smudge’ is a word that is commonly misused to describe the simple burning of sage or smoke cleansing. In reality, the practice of smudging is a very specific and sacred practice for many Indigenous Peoples, deep rooted in generations of medicinal and spiritual teachings. It is not to be taken lightly. Using the term ‘smudge’ to describe any act other than a traditional Indigenous practice is a form of cultural appropriation. That being said, I am always more than happy to recommend some fantastic Indigenous makers/sellers that you can support. 


As an aside, I do routinely often offer some beautiful herb and incense options that fall under my own ancestral practices. I will add them to the shop and many of my kits when they are available. Stock is always changing, let your intuition guide your way!



If ordering more than one of any item list here, also list blend choices or special requests (i.e vegan option, .etc). If this does not apply to your order type “none.”

For local orders where pickup or delivery are possible, payment methods accepted are: Debit/Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Cash/etransfer.
For distance orders I will invoice you, which you can pay securely online with Visa/Mastercard/Amex or etransfer.

You can also purchase an egift card which can be given as a gift and used towards wellness offerings. 

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